Kayak Musky Challenge ON/QC


Kayak Musky Challenge ON/QC

Friday, May 8, 2020 to Sunday, November 22, 2020
| Catch Tournament
Target Sub-species: 
Pike - Musky/Muskellunge
Pike - Northern Pike


Scott Barton

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Kayak Musky Challenge ON/QC

Ontario and Quebec, Canada

May 8-October 18, 2020
Northern Pike entries

June 6-Nov 22, 2020
Musky entries

This is a catch, photo, release challenge using the I-Angler online tournament system. The goal of this challenge is to highlight the amazing Northern Pike and Musky fishing we have in Ontario and Quebec.

The Kayak Musky challenge will also help showcase some of the excitement that comes with fishing for these species from a kayak.

‘Hero’ shots and video are strongly encouraged to be posted on KM Facebook page for this reason.


$42 Entry fee (Prize pool $35/I Angler fee $7)
100% of prize pool will be split 60/40 between Musky winner and pike winner.
*$35 x # of anglers = Prize pool.

Prizes* 5 ways to win

1. Winner total longest 2 Muskies (60% of Prize monies)
2. Winner total 2 longest Northern Pike (40% of Prize monies)
3. Longest total Slam- KM ball cap
4. 29” fish- KM ball cap + $50 gift certificate (see below)
5. Random draw prize pack- KM ball hat + $50 gift certificate (see below)

An angler cannot win both Pike and Musky categories. Monies will be held until challenge ends on November 22, 2020 to ensure Northern Pike winner and Musky winner are not the same angler. In the event that this occurs, Northern Pike purse will go to #2 ranked pike angler.

Random Draw Prize Pack- drawn from random number chosen by Siri from 1 - # of participants. Random number will be chosen via fb live final night of challenge.

Your # will correspond to where you rank according to ‘Slam’ total when challenge ends. Any other prizes donated by a company wishing to sponsor this event will be packaged for random draw winner.

29” Prize- First angler that catches a musky or pike measuring exactly 29” (or closest to 29” at end of challenge without going over).

$42 CAD
Individual Angler

All waters of Ontario and Quebec and adjoining International waters are eligible.

Register as Individual

Website: www.facebook.com/groups/460148457940463/?ref=share

Registration open from Wednesday, November 13, 2019 to Friday, May 1, 2020


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Scott Barton
Peter Gignac


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


The tournament identifier will be posted on Kayak Musky Facebook page and I Angler tournament page. The identifier must be printed off prior to tournament. ** Sign up early and Kayak Musky will mail you a colour identifier and plastic sleeve**

A code will be released the night before Pike opener and will have to be written on identifier. Another code will be released the night before Musky opener and must also be written on identifier.

Please use appropriate measuring device based on the size of fish you are measuring.

Approved measuring boards:
Ketch, Hawg trough, Rapala RMFR 60" Magnum Folding Ruler, Yakgear fish stick, Handlebars musky bumper board.

*if using Rapala board, please affix a sewing tape, measuring tape etc to ensure that numbers can be seen in photo. If in doubt, take photo of fishes tail on bump board. Judges may ask to see this if additional verification on length is needed.

Photos of fish must be left to right and show the fishes lip touching bump.

Lip grippers are allowed as long as they do not obstruct view of lip touching bump.

Paddling/peddling to shore to take photo is permitted as long as kayak and water are shown in photo.

No live bait

In the event of a tie in musky category, longest musky entered will be deciding factor.

In the event of a tie in Pike category, longest Pike entered will be deciding factor.

A pfd must be worn at all times. Any photo showing that an angler is not wearing a pfd will be disqualified.

It is highly recommended that cold water gear is worn and a buddy system is used during the final weeks of this challenge.


Disclaimer Click to Read

By registering for this challenge, I agree to assume all risks while participating. I agree to waive Kayak Musky tournament director(s) of all responsibility and liability, including negligence, for any damages or injury of any description.