Top Dawg Online Freshwater Spearfishing Tournament


Top Dawg Online Freshwater Spearfishing Tournament

Monday, May 1, 2023 to Saturday, September 30, 2023
 | Fishing Tournament
Top Dawg
Top Pup
Target Sub-species: 
Carp - Carp (All)
Walleye - Walleye
Pike - Northern Pike
Freshwater Drum - Freshwater Drum
Bass - Striped Bass (Striper)
Crappie - Crappie (all)
Channel Catfish - Channel Catfish
Suckers - Sucker (all)
Sun Fish - Sunfish
Musky - Tiger Musky
Trout - Brown Trout
Trout - Rainbow Trout
Bass - Small Mouth Bass
Bass - Large Mouth Bass
Trout - Lake Trout
Gar - Gar (all garfishes)
Catfish - Flathead Cat Fish
Carp - Grass Carp
Perch - Perch
Bass - Wiper (Hybrid Bass)
Bass - Rock Bass, Goggle-eye
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May 1 - September 30, 2023

This is an online style tournament consisting of Freediving and Scuba Diving. Your choice!

For more details regarding the tournament, rules and regulations as well as awards, and prizes please visit our tournament page:

This year we are using an app called “iAngler Tournaments”. Every diver will submit and log fish and see live tournament standings through this app.

The longest fish in each individual category at the end of the tournament wins Top Dawg for that category. At the end of the tournament there will also be a winner dubbed “The King of Freshwater" (or Queen). The King of Freshwater will be determined by adding up the total length of each individual competitor’s longest fish in each category. You will want to enter a fish in as many categories as possible. Just because your big fish didn’t win you the Top Dawg for the category, it will help you add up overall inches and increase your chance for being crowned “The King of Freshwater. Participants must purchase entry into the tournament, which includes completing the registration.

There will be 2 divisions in the tournament. Top Dawg and Top Pup. There will be 3 prizes for Top Pup, which will be for the 3 longest fish, however the 3 winning fish must be different fish species. The fish species must be one of our category species in the tournament. Parents, no shooting fish for your kids! If you are making a submission for the Top Pup division, the rules are still the same, but you must write that it is a Top Pup entry.

Top Dawg can change tournament rules at any time. You must comply with the rules at all times. If we make changes due to some unforeseen reason, we will update you on the NFSA Facebook and Instagram page as well as email. Be sure to have the notifications turned on for the page to alert you of any updates. As always, safety is of the utmost importance. Remember there is no fish worth of your life! Always dive with a buddy and remember 1 up and 1 down and use your dive flag on every trip. From all of us at Top Dawg, we would like to wish you all the best of luck!

Fish Species Category:

  • Carp (Common, Buffalo)
  • Walleye
  • Pike
  • Drum
  • Striper (Landlocked Only)
  • Crappie
  • Channel Catfish
  • Sucker
  • Sunfish (all species)
  • Muskie
  • Brown Trout
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Lake Trout
  • Gar
  • Flathead Catfish
  • Grass Carp
  • Perch
  • Wiper
  • Rock Bass

Top Dawg will have 21 category prizes provided by our awesome sponsors! An individual competitor is only allowed to win a maximum of 2 categories in addition to being eligible for the "The King of Freshwater" award. If a competitor leads in more than two categories they will have the option to choose which two category prizes that they would like.

Top Pup will have 3 prizes from our sponsors and each winner will receive a prize! The Top Pup winner with the longest fish gets to pick their prize first.

The award for “The King of Freshwater” will be a Trophy, Competition T-Shirt, and bragging rights for the next year!

Be sure to thank the sponsors by getting more divers involved and sharing the Top Dawg tournament with your friends on Facebook or Instagram! Please also post to your own Social Media accounts and tag us and use the following hashtags: #topdawgfwsf #freshwaterspearfishing.

Sign a Top Pup up with you and get them out on your next spearfishing adventure!

To view the current catch submissions, please select the link below:

Catch Pictures

$40 USD
Individual Angler

You can participate from any public location. Please check the event guidelines.

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"Logging Your Catch" Instructional Video
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Welcome to iAngler Tournament - Adding Your Photo to the Leaderboard
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Events & Schedule

Tournament Starts

05/01/2023 12:00 AM

Tournament Ends

10/01/2023 12:00 AM



Greg Hall
Jeromy Herrick


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read



  1. All submitted fish must be speared with a rubber/pneumatic gun or pole spear.
  2. Tournament waters restricted to all freshwater bodies of water within the United States/Canada where state/federal regulations allow it.
  3. Channel Catfish, due to the nature of its body configuration, will be measured by laying the fish flat. The measuring will start from the bottom of the mouth and run along the fish’s side to the tip of the tail. A video of the correct way to measure is posted on the website along with the tournament Facebook and Instagram pages.
  4. All entries must be submitted within 3 days of being taken.
  5. In the event of a 2-person tie for "The King of Freshwater", the tie breaker will be the total length of each person's 2 longest fish. In the event of a tie for Top Dawg, the winner will revert back to the first submitted fish.
  6. All participants must follow all state/federal laws in the areas they are spearfishing. Any violation or suspected violation, of any of the laws and/or tournament rules, will result in disqualification from the tournament and possible disqualification from all future tournaments.
  7. Any participant who gets caught cheating or is suspected of cheating after review from the board at Top Dawg, will be disqualified and will automatically be barred from ever being allowed to participate in future tournaments. Be honest!

How to Document and Log a Fish!

All entries to be submitted through the iAngler Tournaments app. Log your fish by entering the appropriate details and uploading a video clearly showing the length of the fish AND a picture of you holding up for your fish for bragging rights!. Please also post to your own Social Media accounts and tag us and use the following hashtags: #topdawgfwsf #freshwaterspearfishing.

Timestamp verification is provided by the iAngler Tournaments app. You MUST allow the app all permissions in order for iAngler to properly timestamp your photo for your submission. Any submissions with a picture that is not timestamped will be rejected.

Fish must be laying on a FLAT surface! Fish are measured from under their body with a 1” wide easy to read steel tape measurer. Any submissions where the measurement cannot be undoubtedly seen will not be accepted. All measurements shall be made from the tip of the tail to the tip of the mouth. The mouth of the fish must be closed and not open and be placed up against a flat surface. You may submit as many fish throughout the tournament for every category as you wish. Meaning, if you submitted a fish today and went out tomorrow and shot a bigger fish, you can upgrade your smaller fish by submitting your bigger fish. This will play a key role in becoming “The King of Freshwater”.

If the fish is not measured correctly or clearly documented in the video, the Top Dawg committee will determine whether to disqualify the fish or reduce the reported length. Top Dawg reserves the right to challenge any submission. Proof must be provided from the person submitting the entry if additional information is asked for. Anyone has the right to challenge another submission. If your submission is challenged, you will be notified of the challenge, and then notified of the decision once the Top Dawg committee reviews your submission.


Disclaimer Click to Read


Top Dawg Spearfishing or any of its people cannot, and will not, be held liable for any death or injuries to any participants by them or their families partaking in the tournament. By signing up for the tournament, you acknowledge this and can not hold Top Dawg Spearfishing and any of its people liable.