2020 KAFW - Lake Whitney

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Kayak Anglers of FW Rules - 2020

Participation and Eligibility

he KAFW tournament is open to all anglers provided they meet the requirements per tournament and honor all rules and regulations stated. First and last cast times will be announced at each captains meeting.

Liability Release and License Requirements

• All participants must sign a liability release before the start of the event – By registering in the iAngler application.
• ALL competitors UNDER the age of 17 must provide a liability release signed by a parent or guardian before the start of the event. Parent or guardian must be present.
• All participants must have a valid Texas fishing license for the event, and follow all Texas Parks & Wildlife rules at all times.

Entry Fees/ Pay Structure

Entry Fees are $50 per tournament (excludes Classic). $5.00 of each entry will be withheld for AOY prize and $5 for the iAngler fee and $5.00 withheld for Classic participant payout. All remaining funds will be paid out per the schedule below minus PayPal fees.

• All participants must pay the entry fee prior to fishing.
• Places 1-3 are as follows 60%, 30% & 10% for up to 30 participants. Payout will be 4 places for 39 or more participants, 5 for 49 participants, etc... If there are less than 10 participants, 70% for first and 30% for second.
• Big Bass side pot is $10 cash at the event captains meeting and optional. The big bass pot will be paid at the end of each tournament and will not “rollover”.
• AOY points will accrue from all regular season tournaments plus year end classic.


• Only kayaks and SUPs will be allowed! No canoes, pontoons/tri-hulls, sailboats or use of sails, air boats, air tubs, polled boats, or bass busters Accommodations can be made for special needs anglers in advance on a case to case basis only, and are at the sole discretion of the tournament director.
• EXCEPTION: The Blue Sky Boatworks 360 angler will be allowed in 2020.
• All fish must be taken from your kayak; you are not permitted to leave your kayak to fish from shore.
• Only one paid entrant per kayak.
• Electric motors are allowed per the following. No systems of 24 or 36 volts(dual or triple batteries), motors must be affixed(mounted) to the kayak/rudder system. No hand held motors of any type.
• No gasoline motor of any type allowed.


• Most tournaments will be roadrunner events. If a designated launch area will be used it will be announced prior to or at the captains meeting.
• Launch from any legal PUBLIC access site. If you are ticketed for illegal parking or access it is an automatic disqualification.
• Transporting or towing vessel or competitor by means of powerboat is prohibited.
• Portaging or leaving your vessel to access an otherwise inaccessible area is grounds for disqualification.

Fishing Methods for event

• Only artificial baits/lures/flies will be permitted.
• Rod & reel or fly rod only.
• Only one line in the water at a time.
• No trolling allowed.

Safety Regulations

• PFD must be worn at all times while on the water. Violators will be immediately disqualified from the event.
• A 360 Degree light must be used until at least 30 minutes after sun rise. 01/22/2020
• No illegal substances or non-prescribed drugs may be used at any time while participating at any event. This includes from the time the challenge starts (Rules Meeting) until the time awards are awarded.
• Drug use is strictly prohibited. Any challenger found to be under the influence within reasonable suspicion will be disqualified.
• Alcohol during tournament hours is prohibited and any competitor caught consuming alcohol during tournament hours will be disqualified, no exceptions.


• There is to be NO electronic communication between competing anglers, or communication regarding fishing or the tournament during the competition.
• Emergency calls are permitted, and the Tournament Director is to be notified.
• Family and employment related calls are allowed.

General Rules

• Attendance at rules/captains meeting is mandatory. If you can’t make the captains meeting it must be approved by the tournament director and arrangements made to receive your identifier when you do arrive.
• Fishing in off-limits or restricted areas is prohibited and will result in disqualification if proven by photo or video.
• No fishing within 10 yards of another competitor.
• Family and friends are not allowed to fish during tournament hours unless necessary for medical reasons and must be preapproved by the Tournament Director.

Qualifying Fish

• All black bass (largemouth, smallmouth & Spotted) over 10”.
• Five (5) fish limit – Your best five fish will be used to determine your score.
• Catch Photo and Release alive only.
• No fish will be kept on stringers, baskets, ice chests, etc.
• All fish will be immediately released unharmed after a picture is taken.
• A fish can only be submitted once.

Weigh-in for Tournament


Judging and Scoring for Tournaments

Competitor’s photos will be judged and scored by the Tournament Staff.

• Photos that do not meet requirements will not be counted. Measured length should be clearly visible. All fish will be scored by 1/4ʺ increments.
• The Tournament organizer and staff will be solely responsible and retain the right to declare any photos unacceptable.
• All fish entered must be within the legal methods determined by the Texas Parks & Wildlife where the fish are caught.
• All photos must contain the unique identifier that will be used for each event. The identifier will be issued at the captains meeting. All fish entries must appear to be fresh and free of any obvious mutilation or mishandling. If two fish are used of the same length they must show evident signs of distinction.
• Acceptable measuring devices are “Hawg Trough”, “Ketch Board”, and YAKGEAR “Fish Stik”.
• No sharing of measuring devices.
• Markings on the measuring device must visible and legible, all lines. If lines are “FAT”, marked on both sides of the actual lines, the tail must be visibly past the line, if not you receive the next 1⁄4” less than that line.
• Images that are blurry, out of focus, dark, or underexposed and make it difficult to score accurately will be disqualified.
• Your LONGEST verified lengths in inches will be the total score of your longest five fish.
• The angler with the highest total score of a maximum of five fish will be declared the winner. *A participant does not have to catch five fish to win the tournament.

Photo Criteria

• Fish must face the left with the dorsal fin on top.
• Mouth of fish must be closed and must be touching the bump board. If mouth is open the fish will receive a 1” penalty. If all fish submitted by a competitor are submitted with an open mouth that competitor will be disqualified.
• Fish visibly unharmed.
• Eye must be clear and not covered.
• No fingers or hand in or under gills or gill plate.
• Photos must be taken from directly above the fish, not at an angle.
• Assigned identifier must be visible.
• Entire fish must be visible in the picture.

Delays/Reschedule/Cancellation of Tournament

• Inclement Weather: The Tournament Director may delay, reschedule, or cancel a tournament.
• If cancelled or rescheduled participants will be refunded.
• There will be no refunds for no-shows regardless of reason.

Tie Breakers: Tournament - Big Bass – AOY

• In the event of a tie for the tournament winner/big bass winner the ties will be broken by the biggest fish, 2nd biggest, 3rd biggest, etc...
• If competitors are tied after five fish the competitor that submitted all five fish first will be deemed the winner.
• In the event there is a tie for AOY the winner will be determined the best finishes (1st, 2nd, 3rd ...) in the five regular season events and classic finish. If the tie can’t be broken with event finishes there will be an eight-hour fish off at a later date. The fish off and additional rules will be determined by the tournament directors in the event a fish off is needed.

Protests and Interpretation of Rules

• Any protests shall be immediately directed to the tournament director(s).
• The rules are interpreted and decided by the tournament director(s).
• The tournament director’s decisions are final.
• Once the award ceremony begins all results are official and final even in the event of an error.

The Tournament Director(s) reserve the right to refuse to allow anyone to fish any KAFW event for any reason deemed necessary.