Safe Harbor Fiddler's Cove - 2nd Annual Safe Harbor Marinas Member Bluefish & Striper Tournament

Thursday, June 1, 2023 to Friday, June 30, 2023


Measuring & Photo Documenting


All participants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Any participant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules or brings unfavorable publicity to the sport of fishing could be disqualified. Encroachment is considered a sportsmanship rule.

Body of Water

Participants must fish in the area specified for the event. Fishing has to be legal and in public waters only: no private ponds, streams, lakes or rivers. Participants may fish in any water that is open to public fishing.


The tournament director will consider options for determining a tie, which could be 1) time of entry 2) the exact measurement instead of the ¼” measurement 3) the next largest fish submitted by each angler. A tie could also result in shared prizes.

Claiming Prizes

Ensure that your correct address, email, and mobile number appear in your app profile for prize announcements and delivery. Prizes are the responsibility of the winners. Transportation, taxes, and incidentals are the responsibility of the winner. It is the responsibility of the Tournament Director to disburse all prizes.

Laws and Regulations


All protests must be brought to the director’s attention before the end of the event. Anyone caught breaking the law or disobeying the rules will be disqualified. Fish must be hooked and caught live in a conventional manner. Fish cannot be snagged, netted, speared, etc.


Participants are responsible for their own safety, actions, and property at all times.


If there are any questions about the rules, ask the tournament director.